Thursday, May 15, 2008

some days you just have to survive...

This week I returned from an amaizing Mother's Day trip with 4 of my kids...left the other guys with dad and my sister!!!

When I got home late Monday night it was great to be home with everyone. My husband even had the house all clean...perfect...I am sure it had nothing to do with the 18 hours of TV they watched either!!!

Well it is Thursday and my 4 and 2 year old (the ones who were spoiled by their aunt) still are off kilter...

Tuesday the 2 year old woke up crying (why do they wake up cranky???) and the baby fussy was with post flying/traveling stress were both climbing on me!!! So I decided it was plan B day...bag the dishes, laundry, most school, and just cuddle and survive!!!

Later that night I had the opportunity to get to relief to be there...I looked down to my feet and realized I had on two different shoes...we back to survival!!!

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Rachel said...


I am a blogging pal of your hubby's. His site was linked at my Hunny's site and that's how I found him. I think your husband is hysterical and has great taste in music.

My daughter and I were just looking through your blog and are envious of your 11 kids. We have just 3. I have asked, begged, pleaded... you name it...with God and so far 3 is it. I am grateful to have them, tho.

Just wanted to let you know that my 8 year old wishes she had 7 more siblings. I am thrilled that she wants more people instead of things.

I noticed your son turned 17 recently. Our oldest is 18. I am blown away by how fast it went. One minute I was watching Donna Reed on Nick At Nite, at 3 am, while nursing him and then next he is getting accepted to college. (I want my baby back!)

Oh, one last thing. I was reading some of your husband's blog to my Hunny today and I read him the part where your Rob (I am married to a Robert too) said he was going for a 30 mile bike ride. My husband, who is skinny (darn it) said, "I wouldn't go on a 30 mile bike ride unless I had a jet engine strapped to the back and a nice squooshy banana seat!" LOL