Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Husband turns 50 today...and not happy about it...

1. You didn’t ignore me when I was 16 and met you at a party.
2. You had really cute feet in those jeans and sockless in your dress shoes.
3. You were the only other person NOT Drinking at the Knox Box Party.
4. You sent me a letter from college.
5. You made me feel special and important.
6. Loved our first date at Beef Stake Charlie’s for your 20th b day.
7. Loved getting notes from you in the mail from JMU.
8. Your visits home from college to see me.
9. Making you dinner when we were dating.
10. Saving up my money to buy you gifts.
11. Having you teach me about which fork to use at a fancy restaurant.
12. Getting to go to fancy shows and plays with your family.
13. Visiting you at college.
14. You giving me your college ring.
15. Sharing my faith with you.
16. Getting engaged on Sugar Loaf Mountain.
17. Saying I DO!!!
18. Getting pregnant on our honeymoon.
19. How you took care of me when I was in labor with Alex.
20. Seeing you go crazy over your baby girl.
21. Opening a Christian Bookstore having no clue what we were doing.
22. Getting pregnant with Josh when Alex was 5 ½ months old!
23. Seeing you trust God and quitting your full time job.
24. Having you love me even when I was so pregnant.
25. Seeing you provide for a family on hardly any income.
26. You eating very meager lunches to provide a home for us.
27. Having you take care of me during our first homebirth.
28. Helping me take care of a very fussy baby.
29. Being so sweet to me when we miscarried Francis Jude.
30. Giving me Caleb.
31. Not making me move to the Eastern Shore.
32. Buying me a house in my favorite place…BOWIE!
33. Giving me Lizzie.
34. Fixing up our home on Stoneybrook Dr.
35. Working hard and getting a second job (mowing yards) so I could be a stay at home mommy.
36. Letting me Homeschool.
37. Giving me Barbara.
38. Cooking most of the time when the kids were young.
39. Eating my cooking.
40. Giving me Joseph.
41. Taking care of Joseph while I was sick.
42. Giving me Robert.
43. Buying me a house in Longridge and fixing it up F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
44. Giving me Dominic, even if I didn’t wait an hour to deliver him on your b day.
45. Giving me Mary, and driving fast to the birth center.
46. Giving me Cecilia.
47. Giving me Eric, and helping me naturally deliver an 11 lb baby.
48. Giving me Kolbe.
49. Helping me grieve the loss of Baby Hope and Steven Thomas.


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