Thursday, May 10, 2012


I can tell by my site meter that I am losing the interest of the 10 crazy people who actually read my blog...well, at the end of Lent...LIFE HAPPENED!

I redecorated our bedroom and some other areas and surprised my hubby while he was away with our son in Florida...(PICTURES SOON)

Then Holy Week we got a call on Spy Wed that their was an urgent care need for a 2 month old...we said yes, met with social worker, got home study, finger prints all within about 30 hours. Then waited...many of you know that game...come to find out on Easter Morning that it wasn't gonna work out. Well, Easter Thursday I got a call around 3pm (HOUR OF MERCY) saying that things had changed and the baby was on his way!

So, I have been cuddling and loving this baby for a month! That is why I missed out on posting! Boy, has it been worth it! WE all love him and are enjoying his stay here.

THANK YOU GOD for trusting us with this little one. We love him and YOU!


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