Sunday, October 16, 2011

College Debt Free:

"I am a college senior about to graduate completely debt free.I pay for all of my living expenses by working 30+ hours a week making barely above minimum wage.I chose a moderately priced in-state public university.I started saving $ for school at age 17.I got decent grades in high school & received 2 scholarships which cover 90% of my tuition.I currently have a 3.8 GPA.I live comfortably in a cheap apartment knowing I can’t have everything I want. I don’t eat our every day or even once a month. I have no credit card, new car, iPad, or smart phone — and I’m perfectly OK with that.If I did have debt I would not blame Wall Street or the Government for my own bad decisions.I live beneath my means to continue saving for the future.I expect nothing to be handed to me, and will continue to work my @$$ off for everything I have.That’s how it’s supposed to work."

I am not sure of the story behind this photo, someone sent it to me...and it made me think of my oldest child...

I am a big believer in Community Colleges and State Schools for a number of reasons. I know many people who have postponed having more children due to college dept. It is also a hinder to anyone interested in becoming a priest or religious, for you must be dept free to enter. I went to a Community College then got a scholarship to a State College. I worked part and full time since I was 13. I bought my own car and I lived simply. I don't think I ever missed a college class, except for the March For Life. My husband on the other hand, went to an expensive college and was paid an allowance each month from his parents...he missed class all the time and didn't appreciate his academics. Not that all students do that...just a typical example.

I would love my kids to go to a Private School or Catholic College...but it is not worth going into dept to get there. It is hard to live in our means but in the long run our family benefits from it and learn a valuable lesson.

So far my four oldest have gone to community college and the oldest one just graduated with her masters and did a special program that they paid for her schooling. The second two are at state colleges. One commutes and the other is working hard to pay for his school and living on campus for the time being. The fourth is commuting to a community college. They all work some type of job.

So good...


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