Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Day in the Life:

This is what my day looked like yesterday…
4:50am woke up
5:00-6 am Gym: ran four miles
6:15am get home check email
6:20am baby wakes…cuddle!!!
6:35am make fruit salad and breakfast for kids
7: 00am shower
7: 30am rally all kids who have tennis to brush teeth, get dressed, and get ready to leave
7:50am kids in car
7:58am I get out ready to drive away (pool is 2 min away) and see kids looking for car seats and tennis rackets
8:01am I realized that the youth group borrowed our 15 passenger van on Wed for Hershey Park and we emptied the van
8:05 am very frustrated and grabbed rained on car seats and big siblings rackets to borrow
8:10am get to tennis (I hate being late)
8:30am get CC and go home to get little boys
9:00am have snack
9:20am go to bank
9:30am pick up from swimming
9:45am go for a quick grocery trip
10:10am go drop off dry cleaning
10:20am get home and get other kids ready for swimming
10:45am swimming
11:30am get all kids and some extras to go home for lunch
12:00pm LUNCH
12:30pm clean house for company
1:30pm do Laundry
4:00pm Dinner prep
5:00pm company over
7:00pm send kids to bed
9:00pm Company leaves
9:30 pm Do 100 sit ups for a contest
9:45 pm wrap wedding gift
10:00pm go to be exhausted!!!


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