Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Here are our all time favorite games to play with a regular deck of cards:

Steal the old man's pack...(ages 4 and up)

Go Fish

Rummy and Rummy 500

Spite and Malice

Got any others?...please don't tell me war...that game takes forever!!!


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Shelly said...

We play something called "Golf" sometimes.

Deal each player 4 cards. The players do not look at their cards and put all 4 of them face down (2 on top/ 2 on bottom)

You are only allowed to look at your bottom 2 cards.

Kings = zero pts
A's = 1 pt
10's thru Q's = 10pts
all remaining cards are face value pts.

As is with golf, you want the least amount of pts. We added to this game where each "hole" (hand) is a pre-determined par. So for instance: first round would be a par 3, 2nd hand a par 4, etc.. (pars are 3-5, i believe - i don't golf, but that's what i'm told ;)

okay, back to the game. so the rest of the deck goes in the center and the dealer flips the first card up. the first player can decide to pick up that card or choose the top card on the pile (obviously, if the card is rather low number ie. 2, A, or K you'd pick that up). you are going to switch this card out with one of your 4 face-down cards. Now rmbr that you already know your bottom 2 cards - if you have pretty low cards on the bottom, you may want to chance it and switch out one of the top 2. if you happen to pick up, say, a Jack you can immediately discard it, but that's your turn.

if you're playing a par 3 "hand" then you each have three chances to get to switch your cards out.

End of the first "hole" you all add up your points and move on to the next "hole". we usually play a 9-holed course ;)

You did ask for a new card game, right? :)

anyways, it's a fun game to play with the kids. i think there's even a demo on youtube somewhere. but why do that when you have these thorough yet unclear instructions! LOL!